Does my child need an invite or are the showcases open to all players?
Showcases are open to all players who want to participate that fall within the age categories listed.

How do I register my child?
Go to the event page you plan to participate in and click on “Register Now” button at the bottom of the event details. Once you click on that button it will take you to the official registration page where all you need to do is fill in player details and submit payment.

What do the Showcases cost?
The cost  is $150 (ages 9-13) or $200 (ages 14-18) if you pre-register online. Walk-up pricing at the field (if allowed) will be $200 (ages 9-13) and $250 (ages 14-18). There is no guarantee that space will be available for walk-up registrants; it is highly suggested that you pre-register online for an event.

What is included in the showcase cost?
Currently, everything that is included in the showcase cost can be found at the bottom of the homepage in the blue area. 

What is the pre-registration deadline?
Typically, the deadline to register is either (48) hours prior to the the start of the event or if the event is sold out, whichever comes first.

Will I receive a confirmation email that my child is successfully registered?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your successful registration usually within a few hours of submission that will include some other useful information.

Can my child be evaluated at multiple positions?
Each player in the 9-13 age category may select up to two positions to be evaluated in at no extra charge. The two positions can be any combination of the following: Infield/Outfield/Pitcher/Catcher.
To select two positions on the pre-registration page simply hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the positions with your left mouse button.

Players in the 14-18 age category will be allowed to participate at one position. If you want your player to participate at more than one position, you may do so but an additional fee of $50 (cash) will need to be payable the day of registration at the check in table. *This fee will not show up at the time of your initial registration online. To select two positions on the pre-registration page simply hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the positions with your left mouse button. 

Every player will run the 60 yard dash and hit regardless of position(s) chosen.

How will my child be evaluated and how will we see the results?
Your player will be evaluated by professional scouts on the 5 tools of baseball in a combine setting and atmosphere.  Our scouts will calculate the participant’s skills set as compared to other same age players from across our other events.  Participants will have their evaluations posted to their player profile page.  This page will display their event headshot photo and evaluation grades in each skill set on the standardized 20/80 scale, which are listed as scale scores of 2-8. More details about what’s included can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Other showcases have staff that record videos and post them for participants. Why don't you do the same?
We all know players have bad days, and what worse timing than at a showcase where a prospect video is uploaded and you are unhappy with the results that you invested money in. Our unique process ensures that doesn't happen as we allow you to upload 3 of your own videos, and change them out as you want when you want to keep the content fresh on your player's profile.

I pre-registered so what happens if an event is canceled due to weather?
In the event weather causes us to cancel an event (rare occasion), we will give you credit towards another event location of your choosing. If that isn't an option, we will work directly with you to get your registration refunded.

How do I access my child's profile page to see results, post videos, and look at the profiles of other participants?
After the event has completed that your player participates in, a follow up email with your specific login credentials will be emailed to you at the email account you registered with.

How do I post videos on my child's profile page?
Posting videos is very simple. You will need to upload your personal videos first through YouTube (they have directions on their site). After you get the videos posted you want, pull up the video and simply click on the Share button below the title of your video. After you click share, you will see some other tabs and on one of those tabs you will see "Embed". When you click on Embed you will see a little box that has a line of text in it that starts out with this symbol: > 

Simply copy all of that text and on your player profile page you will see 3 boxes (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3) at the bottom which asks you to copy/paste YouTube embed code within the box. Once you paste the code into whichever video box you want, click on "Submit" at the bottom left. After you click on submit the video will appear if done correctly.  You will just follow this process for the other 2 videos as they each will have unique codes associated with them. Just post each one in the remaining 2 boxes and you are all set.

Again, you can change these videos at any time your subscription/profile is active.

I tried to send a message on the Contact page but I receievd an error message when I hit submit. Did i do something wrong?
Most people type in the code wrong as it is case sensitive and usually all of the letters are Uppercase. If you have trouble reading the code of letters and numbers just click on "refresh code" and it should give you another set of letters and numbers. Again, if you have issues make sure all of the letters are capitalized.